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Images in Epub over lap. How can I fix this?



I'm trying to E publish a children's book my wife wrote and my son illustrated. After converting to an Epub, the formatting is off. Several of the illustrations over lap. See the photo for one example. How can I fix this?Image overlap in epub.JPG




  • If you're working from MS Word to convert to EPUB, the most likely cause is that the images are not "in line. with text. I would start by checking that and making certain all images are in line and each line has only one image on it.
  • Thanks for the reply. I'll check that. Off the top of my head I'm thinking the pictures are the same width as the text.


  • My advice is to try to size the images to 500x500 pixels (or there about, 600x400 works fine too, for example) for optimal viewing on a variety of screen sizes. Get the images sized to something around 500x500 pixels and inline with text, and if the overlapping is still happening, let us know.
  • Thanks! I will check the image sizes and resize.



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