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I somehow can't use Amazon any more, so I discovered a place called Bonanza. So I made a "booth" ...




  • That's interesting. It says sellers can import their inventory from ebay and Amazon, which means it would be easy for lulu to set up a booth there.


    • Over 2 million visitors per month.
    • More than 500,000 registered users.
    • In excess of 3.5 million items for sale.
    • A 150 percent increase in sales from year to year.


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  • Yeah right! Who believes a pathetic statement like I somehow can't use Amazon any more.

    The person who wrote this was too dumb to even direct traffic to their booth. Methinks

    this a rather epic fail at attempting to post spam.



  • I logged into Amazon using my regular login. Evertything went fine.


    WHen I clicked "Login into seller account: or whatever, it produced a screen warning me that I could not do that and suggested I try a different login.


    I read over their HELP menu and there's no buttons to "CONTACT US" so I guess I can't  even ask them why the error. Several months ago they had told me I had royalties and needed to change my bank account info, BUT I had no sales at all for my ebooks.  Which was sttrange. .....



    I"m also not stupid. I thought saying the exact location of my booth would have been spamming and an ad so I instead decided to suggest the website generally to give others a chance to look it over and offer opinions on the service or recommend other small placees they have tried.  I dont care if you click  the url or not.


    Here's mine.

  • Michael, do they do everything for you like Amazon? Do you have to ship them the books? How exactly does it work? What part do you have to do?

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  • I wish I knew, Em-press.  I just signed up yesterday. Smiley Very Happy  So I am trying it out.

  • As writers our single most important skill is being able to communicate. Your post bore all the hallmarks of spam. If you wanted to start a discussion on the merits of using Bonanza you should have said so. You did not solicit any opinions from other people using Bonanza. There is no way anyone could have guessed your intentions from few words you wrote.


    Amazon is the most important marketplace; if it were me I would not be giving up on using it so easily. It sounds like your account has been compromised. Perhaps that email you received was rather fishy and I hope you did not click the link in the email. Log into Amazon and click Help.

  • Man, they sure hid that old "Contact" button really well on Amazon help! Sheesh. i haven't  sold anything on my seller account for three years so they closed it and encouraged me to open a new seller account with a new email.... wutever.

  • You do n ot need a Seller Account to sell on Amazon. You just need to distribute via Lulu. You can also set up an Author Central Account. Seller Account is only for uploading interior and cover PDF for preview -- only in the case o f books over 700 pages. Otherwise Ingram will send the preview.


    Contact Lulu Support for more information. This whole thread does not make sense.


    Good luck.

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  • I plan on "reselling" my own books on Bonanza. I'll post the items on there... someone will buy and I get paid the money. Then I'll turn around and order the book(s) from Lulu to be sent directly to the buyer the very day I get the money in. I'm also including an audio book as well kindle & nook versions. I okayed the concept with Bonanza customer service.


    I do have ebooks on Amazon as well as Smashwords.

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