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Trying to upload my file and took many messages of errors, I found that, in the help I asked, the answers were whether so simple that I couldn't understand because I didn't know, or to complex that they didn't actually didn't answer to the real problem I had. The system of Lulu many times didn't recognize the real problem, for example, I upload my file ready in pdf, because I didn't know Lulu's system do that, and gave me an error for the font. Then I tried the document as Word system gave it to me with the font that Lulu told me it was wrong and uploaded just fine.

So, Lulu's system turn any document to epub or pdf, so we upload our files us the Word system gives to us saving it to the preparation us marked as final. Also if we want to make our book to epub, must make the chapters with HEADINGS and save as I said before. If we want to pdf, make the chapters with HEADINGS and make a table of contents.


  • Hi Efie,

    I had to remove the Youtube video you linked here and in various other locations because the creator of that video provides Heading instructions that will not pass our conversion check.
  • Hi Paul. That video helps me to make my first book in pdf with table of contents and uploaded it here. 

  • Just use dopdf which is free to make the pdf from MS Word docs. Make sure to check embed fonts and high quality graphics. Works great no problems at all so far.

  • Hi again! TheJesusNinja always advertises his book. Is that permissible? Can I do it too for my book? 

  • I am absolutely stumped as to how to satisfy the TOC requirements. I have tried so many techniques, fonts, sizes, styles to no avail. What does it mean by Headers 1; 2 and 3? I am using Office Word as my format program. I have tried to make an EPub or even a PDF, but neither will let me get past the TOC. It says that it appears that there are no Chapter Headings at all. I have tried bold type, underlining, font size, anything that will prompt a different setting. I may try changing the font style for the Chapters next just to see...but is there anything that I am missing or not understanding?  Thanks for the help.

  • If you have saved the document in the first form you try from the beginning.

    If you don't select all and choose BASIC at the STYLE.

    Then, in every chapter you want to do Heading, select it (every time each one) and choose HEADING 1.

    Then on the HEADING 1 with right click you choose MODIFICATION and to the window that opens you check down below, in the NEW DOCUMENT THAT BASED ON THIS MODEL

    You must do it in every chapter including the ISBN

    Don't do anything else for forming. Epub don't support anything else. 

    You save the file to the PREPARATION as STAMP AS COMPLETE 

    You upload the saved file.

    I'm Greek and I have the Windows in Greek. I tried to translate it in English. I don't know if I manage it.



  • SphinxCameronSphinxCameron Southern Escarpment Hill Country ✭✭

    It is permissible.

    Efie wrote:

    Hi again! TheJesusNinja always advertises his book. Is that permissible? Can I do it too for my book? 


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