Forum post has disappeared

This morning, I posted a question about metadata in the ebook forum. I asked if (after 2 rejections) my most recent changes to my document might at last be correct (as Lulu's info on the subject is not exactly all encompassing.) I also asked how to check the metadata on the downloaded cover as that possibly  seems to be the problem which is causing the rejection.

I checked the post before I went to work, and it had had several views but no reply.
I've just logged in at lunchtime and the post is gone. It's not even in my list of recent posts in my profile info.

I've had no email to say it's been removed and I can't think of any rule I might have broken.

I've read the TOS and guidelines, and others have asked similar questions before (none exactly the same, and none received an answer which would help in my specific question.)

I am puzzled. I don't want to ask again without knowing why it's been removed, in case there is now some rule against asking about metadata. If it was removed by a moderator, could you please contact me to let me know why?

Thank you.

ps I apologise if asking about it in a forum post is also breaking a rule, but I don't know any other way to enquire.


  • Your cover is absolutely stunning.


    Regarding the post, I had one odd thing happen this week; I answered a post, it's now blacked out without being linked to anything. It disappeared. So, it might be a glitch in the system.


    Post it again-- in General (in case ebook posts are disappearing).


    Metadata ebook must match on the cover, title page, and project Exactly. Your two subtitles must be included everywhere for it to pass distribution.

  • It appears another user marked your post for spam and the post is hanging in our moderation queue. I just approved it so the post should appear on the site again.

    You mentioned some links in emails that didn't work. Can you tell me the specific email you received so I can investigate that?

    We do have a very thorough ebook guide -

    As well as this list with distribution rules -

    Specifically for your metadata, it must match exactly on the cover thumbnail, the title page, and on the Title Step in the Lulu ebook wizard. This means the title, subtitle, and volume, as well as the author, must be present in all three of these locations.
  • Thanks for unspamming it.
    Why would anyone think it spam?

    The email read thus:-

      * The information you entered in the title/author metadata does not match exactly the cover of the book. Please revise your title/author metadata so that they match, with the same first, middle and last names or initials, and designations. See <a href=""></a> or #5 in the list "Top 10 Reasons Why Your eBook Was Rejected" at <a href=""></a>.
      * Please revise your title metadata to include any and all titles and subtitles on your cover image. See <a href=""></a>. See #6 in the list "Top 10 Reasons Why Your eBook Was Rejected" at <a href=""></a>.
    The team member who reviewed your eBook added:
        Please resolve issues before resubmitting.
    Having a hard time preparing your EPUB for distribution? Let us create your eBook for you with an <a href="">eBook conversion package</a>.
    We strive to identify all potential issues with your eBook as part of our quality assurance review, but we will retest it thoroughly once you edit and resubmit it for distribution.  For best results, we recommend you review our eBook Retail Distribution Guidelines (, which list all requirements for eBook distribution to retail partners (Amazon Kindle Store, iBookstoreSM, the Barnes and Noble NOOK bookstore™, the Kobo bookstore, etc.).

    Almost all the links are doubled up so son't actually work. The last email for my first rejected attempt was the same.

    I already read the guide and it's not at all helpful. It's like reading Chinese (a language of which I know only a very few words.)
    It took someone else's blog for me to learn that I needed to put a colon between title and subtitle. Another blog explained that the cover wizard adds metadata from the title and author fields (which I had left blank because that was already on my image.)
    I had to guess that when it said the metadata must match what is on the cover, that you actually meant that the cover image must also have metadata. I thought it meant that it must match the words on the cover. Your guide does not make that clear.


    I'll switch to my other post for the details about my question. Thanks agains for unspamming it.

  • ps, even if that youtube link worked, unless the video has subtitles, it's no use to me. I'm partially deaf and usually can't hear the audio on youtube videos unless it's VERY clear and loud.



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