Lulu page still blank

The two most recent books, when I click on the title or try to continue or revise, all I get is a completely blank lulu page.


This does not happen with the finished projects created in the past.


Lulu workaround hasn't worked on my end.


Project ID 21335071


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  • Yes, we've had a few reports today that there are still problems.

    We're working on hammering out a true solution.
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    Thank you thank you. It's an odd feeling seeing a blank page.

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  • Strange I just did a revision and had no problems at all. But for months I have had problems with the pages reloading and an error message like being disconnected or something.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    It's a unique problem. Something with the server.


    I just checked if perhaps the site maintenance last night corrected the issue. I still only see a blank page when I try to proceed.

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  • The site maintenance last night was to correct different issue, something seen only by our team on the back side of the site.

    The conversion problem is still being worked on, though I can verify some of our conversions servers are working so not everyone will see the error or blank screen.

    One thing that can help is refreshing the browser screen when the page goes blank. This occasionally "kickstarts" the converter.
  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    I'm goiing to keep trying. Thank  you, Paul.

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  • Why is My page blank, I have published 9 books with you and I cannot come up with any of them   ????

    What the hell is going on ????

  • Hi MM77,

    Did you see a maintenance page or was it loading and displaying a My Projects page without any books listed?

    If it is the latter, I would contact support with one of your book titles (project ID and/or ISBN are helpful too) so we can investigate further.
  • I have completed the upload of my cover page using your wizard and when I click on "save and Continue" all I keep getting is a blank page.  The address appears to be  But there is noting on the page regardless of refresh?  I am using a Mac, could that make a difference or is there something wrong with my picture upload for the cover art?

  • The blank page after running the cover converter may be something on our end. I've seen that issue in the past.

    Reach out to support and ask them to look into this, they should be able to assist you.
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