Idea for you

Make a Facebook page for your individual book in addition to/rather than  your author page. This will make it rank up in Google searches.


Please don't debate me. Just a tip to use if you want it.


  • I subscribed to FaceBook in 2010, and have always promoted my Lulu books there. It seems to work to a certain extent. Fairly satisfactory for something free.

    Do you mean an advertising page per book?


  • Yes, per book. Separate from you completely, as in, don't even put your face there or anything about you. Just the book. Book description, reviews, quotes, cover. That's all. And, a Shop Now button (Facebook offers this) that links to Amazon.


    Make your website the book Amazon page in the slot where they ask for a website. The book cover can also be the Amazon page.

  • Thanks a lot.
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