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If im making an 8.5 x 8.5 book that is requireds every page to have full bleed. Do I need to make a document size of 8.75 or will lulu make the necessary adjustments. At the moment the document is 8.5x8.5 and all the images and text are inserted in that format.


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    Yes, that is correct; you need to make your word document 8.75x8.75 as well as your images and PDF.

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  • Hello there, not sure if you've solved this yet, but just thought I'd suggest a couple of things which may help.


    Adding bleed to internal files only comes into play if the images (even just 1) are full size / the whole page, if not, then as long as it's an image embedded onto a doc, with the doc retaining its preset margins, then there's no need to add bleed here. If the image files have their own border, perhaps an attempt to match the borders of the source doc, then of course the system won't know that, it will still be a full page image and bleed would need to be added to the overall file. And a little more on this, if the images do have their own borders, then why not chop them / crop the image's to leave the vital design and just embed them onto a doc, ensuring of course the doc itself has the requisite margin settings.





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