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Total File-Size for Projects:

The total file-size for a Lulu project cannot exceed 1 GB. This is a problem, because when you download the USLetter.zip template file, as I have, the files within them, 8.5x11_Back_EN.png and 8.5x11_Front_EN.png, result in 35 MB per page for images placed over those templates. So I opened 8.5x11_Front_EN.png. Then I opened as layers all the odd-numbered pages and overlayed them on top of that template. When I went to save each layer individually as a png, the resulting files were 35 MBs each. There are unattractive ways around that: I could save it as a jpg, losing detail and pixels. I could use compression for my ongs. That would also lose details and pixels. And, I could not save the gamma for each image. That is equivalent to saving the image without alpha data. Or, I could change my images from 300 ppi, which is certainly a no-no for print images. Long story short, LuLu should not provide a template, that when used forces tha client to either lose quality for thier book, or be in violation of the 1 GB limit.


  • The templates you're looking at are for front and back cover, while the file size limitation of 1GB is for the interior.

    You'll upload the front/back cover separately, and those files won't contribute to the total file size. Even at 35MB each, your cover file would be around 70MB, and would likely shrink in size during our cover step to a more reasonably sized print ready PDF.

  • Sir, I'm not looking for a cover template. I was looking for the interior page templates, which I found. The problem remains; when I use the provided interior templates uploading them in GIMP or Photoshop, it converts all images to 300dpi. And, as you save each layer (page) loaded upon the template to individual file, those individual files are 35 MBs each.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    You're not supposed to upload a word document template into Gimp or Photoshop. These are image editing software. They will always convert documents and PDFs into images.


    You need to use Microsoft Word or Open Office. The best option is Word.


    Good luck, sir.

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  • The two templates you linked are for cover design, so please excuse my confusion. For the interior, you'll want to use the MS Word templates.

    Using images for each individual page will result in an enormous and untenable file. If you have images, I would suggest compiling and creating a PDF for upload.
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