What do you think of my story lines That I write in my material?


  • We have no way of knowing. What books have you written? Perhaps provide a small section of text for us to look at.
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    TheJesusNinja wrote:
    We have no way of knowing. What books have you written? Perhaps provide a small section of text for us to look at.

    His books are here:  All of them have previews.


    The style is really hard to describe...if "style" is really the word to use. His books sound as though he were writing brief synopses of much longer novels. The closest thing I have ever read with a similar effect are 19th century dime novels....but those at least had paragraphing and dialog, which Morgan's books are entirely lacking. They are all written in one continous block of text and you will look in vain for a quotation mark.


    He may have some good stories, but it is really almost impossible to tell. There are the problems I just mentioned, but there are also a lot of issues with spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. If he could find a good editor, that would certainly help a lot.

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  • Michael, I think that the most respectful thing we can do for each other is to be very frank and honest.


    You need to work on your writing skills. Your stories are told way too quickly, with no real pace to them. It's like you're telling your friends about something you saw on TV last night.


    You need to take your time. You need to write slow, careful sentences. You need to give the reader time to imagine the scene. Make short sentences. Break your text into paragraphs. Leave "white space" on the page.


    Write things as if they are happening just before you write them. Use "He walked to the door and opened it" instead of "He was going to the door and he had opened it and he had gone to the store."


    If you want help with your writing, there are online courses that can help you. Or, you can start reading more books. The more that you read, the better your writing will become.


    I'm sorry if that offends you, but I'm trying to give you the respect of being honest with you. I hope this helps.



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    Be very careful when asking for an objective critique of your work. A critique only helps if you pay attention and address the issues pointed out.


    As others have stated, paragraphs and indentation exist and are used in books for a reason. Try using them.


    As for your manner of telling a story, your lack of a basic format shut down my left eye so I gave up trying to get beyond the first sentence.


    I've known individuals who could neither read nor write, yet using oral rendition they could keep people coming back for more.


    Try reading the post linked, think about it, and try again.


    Writing for an audience is not an easy way to make money, it's a job. Like all jobs worth doing, it takes dedication and a willingness to learn.


    Being a self-publisher is a harder job, because you either do all the different jobs involved yourself, you pay someone to do the tasks you can't, or you ask for help.


    Some very talented people are trying to help you. The question is, will you let them?

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    It's obvious you only know the present narrative.


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