"Contact Us" page hangs when I hit submit, does not submit

I've been trying to send in a Support claim using the http://www.lulu.com/support website, but when I hit Submit after filling in the information, the page just hangs in permanent loading, "waiting for www.lulu.com".


My adblocker and script blocker are whitelisted for the site, and I followed all their guidelines (no image over 5 megs, etc), but it just won't submit my Support request. I've tried on both Chrome and Internet Explorer/Edge.


Is there anything I'm missing?



  • I'm experiencing lags on most everything today on here. About 30 seconds on just clicking a link. Your ad blocker still might be blocking something on here. I suggest you disable it totally until you upload your file. Also if your file is large it might be causing the lag as well. Keep trying.
  • I've turned off my ad-blockers, reduced the file size to ~500kb for all four files. I've been trying regularly for the past 3 days now and it still hangs each and every time I try, no matter what browser I use. I even left one attempt run for over 2 hours... the website had still not replied. Just "waiting for www.lulu.com" forever. It didn't even time-out.


    The cynical part of me thinks that this is a tactic to avoid providing customer support: don't have a support line and instead force people to submit support tickets through a website that doesn't work.


    [edit] And just as I posted that, the website went down for maintenance! Well then. Let's see how this goes when it comes back up.

  • My apologies all,

    We experienced a technical issue with the support pages on lulu.com and I neglected to post an announcement warning everyone.

    We did take the site down for a short time to correct the issue, but everything should be functioning correctly now.

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