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A couple of weeks ago, I published my second ebook here. Last week, I discovered that it was ineligible to go anywhere other than the Lulu store. Three problems were cited. I sent the suggestions to the person who formatted the book and he made sure that all the requirements were met before sending me a new epub.


I did a revision and uploaded the new, improved epub. Still, I just discovered that my book is ineligible for iBooks, Nook, Kindle, etc. I tred to manage my distribution but am unable to even click on those other distributors. Even worse, there is no explanation as to what the problem is. I have received no email notices about a problem.


So how can I fix this? I've contacted Lulu's technical help, but a response could be days away.


Thanks to everyone who responds.


  • Did you delete the old file before uploading the new one? If not you just end up with both in the book.

  • After following the link you suggested I can see nothing that would disqualify the book, but thanks for responding.

  • Yes, I deleted the old file. Thanks for your response.

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    Show us your Word manuscript or epub.Otherwise we can't help. For sure there is a logical reason. You can also give us the three reasons Lulu cited.

  • Hi having the same problem . 

    They say I have too many chapters. It is a young child/teen adventure book. Each chapter has a name eg Chapter 1, Mrs Fudge all in heading 1.

    Do I delete the capter? or name? or do heading 1 and 2?

    No help from lulu!!

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    It's software that told you that, not humans. Just ignore and proceed. Do not delete your chapters.

  • I just checked the "Manage Distribution" page and it now says that iBooks, Kindle, etc. are processed. So hopefullly, my problems have ended. Thanks for responding.

  • I just checked the Manage Distribution page and it looks like the epub has now processed. This wasn't the case a couple of hours ago. So hopefully, I'm good. Thank you for your response.

  • Hi, accepted by lulu but pending all the others???
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    The process is not instantaneous.


    siobhanh wrote:
    Hi, accepted by lulu but pending all the others???


  • It states this time it is ineligible with no reason, but okay for lulu distribution. I don't understand?

  • Looking quickly at your ebook, I see the region you've selected under Manage is Ireland. Our retail partners don't have Irish stores, so this is why the option to distribute is greyed out. If you change to a different region, you should be able to select the retailers.
  • Hi I have changed it to the UK and it says it will take up to 30 days to process. As this is the first time I have done this, is this the normal response? Also the print book was accepted by the other outlets and there have been purchases in the USA, so why not the ebook?


    Thanks siobhan

  • 30 days process is very standard. The files send out to retailers on a schedule, and those retailers have to perform a check on their end before they post anything for sale.
    Print and ebook distribution are completely separate processes, so it is not surprising to see the print book available while the ebook is not.
  • Can someone help me. My TOC (Table of Contents) says "Untitled" at the top. No matter what I do or how closely I follow Lulu's directions, I cannot fix that. I know it won't work for the ibook and Kindle people till I fix this.
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