It's Been a While

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It's been a while since I lurked around the various fora, primarily due to circumstances of the past year. Rather than bore people with my particular tale of gloom, despair, agony, and travail, let me suffice it to say the last year has been infuriatingly frustrating with highlights of joy.


How else would life be with an auburn-haired 3.5 year-old princess who is 3.5 feet tall and has taught herself how to read while the redheaded not-quite-one-year-old princess is 31 inches tall, has mastered walking, is now running, and is working on using words when she’s not charming adults into minion status.


What prompted me to visit now instead of when I have time to finish editing a novel I had meant to release two years ago was the arrival of a royalty check. If I actively promoted my work it wouldn’t be a big surprise to get a check at irregular intervals, but since I don’t it got me wondering why now.


Much to my surprise once I logged in I found I had sold print copies of both the books I have released (two copies of the first, one of the second). This is likely due to the wonderful artwork of Ron Miller catching someone’s eye long enough for them to take a closer look, but it does make one wonder. I’ll likely never know the details, and I rarely have the time to sit and ponder inscrutable matters these days much less edit or write.


For now my spare moments (when I’m not actively keeping two demon princesses from conquering the known world) involve horticulture, to include Poncirus trifoliata (Sour Orange/Bitter Lemon), Citrange (Citrus insitorum a.k.a. x Citroncirus webberi), Citrumelo (x Citroncirus spp.), Blood Orange, and the other trees I have to chisel a hole to plant.


** It should be noted it’s raining here on the plateau, so this message will be posted after the Internet connection returns. Considering the nature of where we live, it’s a miracle the power hasn’t gone out due to the ongoing frog-strangling turd-floater that’s making low-water crossings death-traps about now. Flash floods are fun in these here parts.


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