eBooks and PDF files

I may have missed it, but can I use pdf files for creating my ebook, as I did with my Print books?





  • From my experience, you can. I've done that several times myself! :-)

  • You can for paperback but don't think so for ebooks. The convertor does some things to the document to get it ready.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor
    No, you will have a mess on your hands. Title at the very least has to be assigned heading 1 style. The chapters titles should also be h1, if you want a decent ebook.
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  • Hi dloewen!

    You have the option to create a PDF eBook but it is not retail distribution eligible.

    For retail eligible eBooks, you will need a MS Word file or OpenOffice with proper heading styles.
  • dloewendloewen Reader

    Thanks - I had finally figured that out late last night, after a lot of frustrating, dead-end attempts. I've successfully published a short sample that I was able to read on my eReaders (Kindle and Kobo) using a PDF format. I know where and how I'll need to tweak it to make it more acceptable. This publication is only intended for a select group of people, so I'm not too concerned about marketability.

  • dloewendloewen Reader

    Thanks - I've successfully published a short sampler, which I was able to read quite well on my iBooks, Kindle, and Kobo readers. My project is for a select group of consumers (High School Grad Class Reunion), and so marketability is not an issue.

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