Headers and Footers On and Off.

Hi I'm reltivly new to all this. I am using Libre office, and would like to apply a new title to every page of my book file. I use a header and it appears and the next pages also. how do I turn the header off, so i can add a new header and title to the next page. Also, How do i shift text back up the page without using back space. Can anyone help please.


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    I am not familiar with the software you are using but it sounds to me like you need to start again. Copy all of your text (Control plus A to select all and then Control plus C to copy) and then paste it into Notepad (Control plus V). Now copy it out of Notepad into a blank Libre Office document. This will strip out all the formatting previously associated with your text.


    Don't use Headers as this is a style that is meant to be applied to the entire document not on a page by page basis. I think the best you can get is a different header on odd and even pages. Instead you will have to type in what you want to appear on the first line of each page. You may have to reduce the size of your margins to get it to fit.


    I don't really understand what you mean by moving text back up a page as using back space will delete the text. If you have a gap between sections of text you can delete that and it will move the text up to fill that space.

  • Hi. Thank you so much for your reply. It looks like you are right. Im trying to write a poetry book, with a diferent title on every page. All it does is set header and footer to default, the same text on every page. After having a lot of problems with errors in my uploaded file. the publisher told me to use headers and footers, and also, not to use backspace or enter, but use Libre options like insert space ect.

    I know think not using headers and footers maybe not the option for me, but as you say type the titles.


    Sometimes copy and paste doesn't always appear where I want it to, So I need to shift it up or down. I have haad a lot of problems with text and pictures slipping on to other pages. I have the book size correct, but I'm told the wizard I upload to doesn't see it as I see in print preview, and alters the file contents. very strange. Once again. thank you so much. Moog.

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Are you trying to make an ebook or print book?


    If you are making an ebook be aware that using pictures in an ebook is not for the faint hearted.


    If you want a table of contents in your ebook which lists your poems you need to highlight each poem (and the name of the book and the first line of the copyright notice) and allocate a Heading 1 style to it. The table of contents will then be automatically generated during the conversion to epub. If you don't want the titles of the poems to appear in the table of contents then just highlight the name of the book and the first line of the copyright notice (this is the bare minimum) and then allocate a Heading 1 style.


    If you are making a print book you need to insert your photographs rather than paste them into the document. You should be able to then choose how the picture is displayed on the page. In Word this is under Picture Tools; Libre must have something similar.


    If you are making a print book I would suggest that you submit a PDF file to Lulu, if you are not already doing that. You can get a free copy of doPDF (just Google doPDF) and it works very well. Once installed you select print on your document and select print to PDF. You now need to select the size of your print book in the PDF software so that when you submit it to Lulu it will be the correct size. With a PDF there will be no nasty surprises; what you see is what you get so the finished book will look just like the PDF. If you submit a Libre, or Word, file it might not convert correctly.

  • Thank you so much. your help has been useful. I am trying to write a print poetry book. It seems Headers and footers are useless regarding

    different titles on every page. So I'm trying without seems my only option. I have used print review before uploading to Lulu using Libre office, everything ok. But on conversion, even though my book is the right size A5. it's full of errors., text slipping on to next page ect. I'm sure things could be much easier. Lulu could produce a video or help file for helping raw beginners go through the basics of producing a file from scratch. rather than instructions on loading file and the publishing process. I have tried pictures in my books, but, they end up all over the place even when anchored. Also, DPI is an issue. God luck with your projects. Thanks once again. Moog.

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