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Cutt Off Page numbers in 'preview' of published book

Hi there, I have been working to formatt everything just so for an 8.25" x 10.75" hadback casewrap and everything in the downloaded print-ready file looked great, but after I hit submit and publish and I looked at the 'preview' that was given I noticed that the page numbers were cuttoff and the right margin practically disappeared on the odd numbered pages.  I retired that edition and am working to upload another but I wanted to get this problem solved.


1) I read on the knowledge base that odd numbered pages appear on the right (i.e. when a book is open the even page is on the left and the odd page is on the right).  Is this correct?


2) I built in the margin and the gutter on the manuscript that I uploaded, but does the system adjust that when I upload?  *Note: I specifically formatted the page numbers so that they would appear on the bottom outside corners (an odd page has the page number in the bottom right, an even page has the page number in the bottom left). **Further note: Many of the pages end up coming from an Excel spreadhseet (I can't use Word for these pages) and I had to build the gutter into the margins when I printed to PDF since Excel doesn't have mirrored margins or gutter options.


3) Since the download of the print-ready file and the 'preview' offered on the published book page display different results, which one should I trust?




  • What kind of file are you uploading to Lulu?


    If PDF, what program was used to create it?

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Yes, even pages are on the left and odd pages are on the right. I would suggest that you use doPDf to create your PDF as it always works exactly as it should. This is not to say there is anything wrong with the PDF that you made and the problem is more likely to be with the online preview facility, which is what you appear to be referring to.


    I would not worry too much about the online preview. It does not work correctly with some versions of Windows. I have had sections chopped off and not been able to resize the preview so that I can see the entire page.


    If the print ready file looks the way you want it too then order your proof copy.

  • To reiterate danielblue's point - We use the print ready PDF (which can be downloaded and reviewed by you prior to publishing). If this PDF looks good, the printing should reflect that.
  • Thank you so much! That is a relief.  The print-ready file looks great, so I guess I'm good to go!

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