My new book has a few issues and I'm unsure why please help

Hi there my new book called Burning Asia: The Present Image has some problems. The id is 20850396. 


I set up the book on lulu and was not given an ISBN and do not know why. Without one i couldn't add it to the word doc which is my book. Also there was no way to list the book on other sites like amazon and barnes and noble. It listed the book only as published on lulu or to keep it private right at the very start. No option to sell/list on other sites. It was grayed out. So with that and with no ISBN my book is only on lulu which is my choice. I want it on all the sites. I'll edit it if there's an issue. This is not good. It limits the availability. I really don't know what the issue is. I think my book is set up right to be published. If it wasn't, why would lulu list it? Please help. Thanks in advance. I'm new to all of this. My book is poetry about Asia and current affairs. The ebook version has no problems and is the same poems in another file.


Regards Charlie (Saurabh).


  • I just looked and am not sure why. It's 6x9 and has plenty of pages. One thing , did you choose a paper type and stitch that will work with distribution? Only certain ones will do. If they have a green check next to the choice it will pass for Amazon etc. Go back and check that. If that is the only problem then it's simple to revise the book project and add the ISBN.

  • Hi thanks for your reply. I will check to see if the green tick thingy is there for distribution. I was wondering if the margin of the word doc is to blame? I don't know. I did try to make the margin smaller but it had no affect except slightly increase the page count. I'll look at your suggestion though. Thanks.


    Forgot to add yes its the 6 by 9 perfect bound papertback. 


    Looking at this i picked standard paperback. It has no green tick/check mark. Meaning not on amazon etc? I move over to pick premium and it has the tick. I guess its the correct choice?? I will see. This is confusing. 


    I did it on premium and it looks sorted. Thanks for your help. Really.

  • Best guess is that you selected Standard instead of Premium on the Options Step. Everything else looks like it should be fine for distribution.
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