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yet another ISBN question...

Hi All,

So as an author, Im new to Lulu and, really, the world of POD having come from traditional publishers.  One of my books sold out and my publisher is not going to reprint...and here I am!

My ISBN question is this: can I use the exsisting ISBN already associated with my book, or do I need a new one.  I read that Lulu requires a new one if it is going to be a new edition.  As I am taking this book and going to reprint it thru Lulu, is this now a new edition?

Hmmn, I'm guessing that I will need a new one since the exsisting ISBN will be associated with my previous publisher.

Perhaps I am answering my own question, but, just in case I've got this wrong...any suggestions?




  • Your current ISBN will be associated with the old publisher. If you take a free ISBN from Lulu, the new free ISBN will be associated with Lulu. If you buy ISBNs (from Bowker in the US), you can decide what imprint to map it to. Hope this helps.

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