We're aware of an issue with converting some DOC, DOCX, ODT, and RTF files to EPUB through our Ebook Wizard.
We've created this Forum Thread with some workarounds and advice to assist you in publishing you ebook.

Libre Office.

Hi. can anyone please help. I'm using Libre office and wish to upload my book to Lulu for publishing.How do I convert my doc into the right format for publishing using this software. Thank you.


  • From File, select "Export as PDF." Make sure that the option for Archive PDF/A-1a (ISO-19005-1) is selected. Click export.

  • Thank you very much. Still new to all this. Best wishes. Pete.

  • To add on to HJ's response, make sure the file has the pages sized to match the page size for your book before exporting your PDF.
  • Thank you so much Paul. So much to learn.Will do. Best wishes. Moogster1.
  • Another workflow to consider, ESPECIALLY if you have a Mac, is to save the file as Postscript instead.


    While OSX / macOS can generate PDFs, they apparently are not press-quality documents, but they do look good on the screen.

  • Thank you so much. Much appreciated. Pete.
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