Libre Office.

Hi. can anyone please help. I'm using Libre office and wish to upload my book to Lulu for publishing.How do I convert my doc into the right format for publishing using this software. Thank you.


  • From File, select "Export as PDF." Make sure that the option for Archive PDF/A-1a (ISO-19005-1) is selected. Click export.

  • Thank you very much. Still new to all this. Best wishes. Pete.

  • To add on to HJ's response, make sure the file has the pages sized to match the page size for your book before exporting your PDF.
  • Thank you so much Paul. So much to learn.Will do. Best wishes. Moogster1.
  • Another workflow to consider, ESPECIALLY if you have a Mac, is to save the file as Postscript instead.


    While OSX / macOS can generate PDFs, they apparently are not press-quality documents, but they do look good on the screen.

  • Thank you so much. Much appreciated. Pete.
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