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Would anyone like to share how your sales are doing?

I'd been chatting privately with some others on how we are doing so far. We are all doing about the same. But it's difficult to judge just how well we are doing without something to compare it with. I not asking for financial reports just the amount of books you sell on good months. What type of books are you selling? How many books do you have out? Just an experiment to get some info. Most of my research on youtube says 100 to 500 books seems to be the norm for making a few thousand dollars a month. That's a lot of books. But can be done over time. Just thought I'd check with others of like mind that might want to discuss this.


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    A  trickle, and mainly on Amazon, but I do very little to promote mine.

  • I do no advertising or promotion at all, and I sell, on average, 50 books a month out of 53 books I have for sale.


    I hope it will jump up when (or if) Brooklyn Nine Nine has one of my books on their show. It's supposed to be sometime this season.

  • potetjppotetjp Bibliophile
  • Zilch. I have 5 books at te moment, it would be a lot more if I didn't have self pub problems. Poetry books  are not good sellers so they say, unless you one of the greats. I'm not. I just enjoy writing. I rather have my work read than make a lot of money. but making money would be nice.I hope to write non-poetry books in the future. Perhaps lots of ebooks. that will sell.

    I have seen second hand used copies of my books on Amazon so they must be selling, but I'm not getting the revenue.

    I've seen my books for sale on Amazon for s much as £78. pricing of our books isn't simple. too cheap no one will buy, little revews Too high they don't sell. The high cost of postage and packing doesn't help. Meaning independent book stores stocking my books and myself would make little or nothing. I promote my books. book reviews can be helpful, the more positive reviews the more we sell, but we take the risk of getting bad reviews too, Can't please everyone no matter how good you are.

    Any tips or advice welcome. There are always going to be peaks and troths in sales. Just heard allegedly,

    charity shops are refusing to take the Davinci code, they claim they have too many. Best of luck to everyone.May your sales be many. My books would make great stands for wobbly tables if interested?. ha ha.

  • I have 6 titles on Lulu at this point, and bring in about $150 a month when I don't have a new release, and 10 times that for the month that I have a new release out.
  • Haven't seen that name in quite a while now. I see you're making about the same as most I've spoken too. Our goals are to increase that at least by 5 at first. Then 10 later on.

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