Can't revise a project?

Trying to revise a project (Add/subtract pages, general editing) and this is what I am seeing:


My Paperback Book
by Justin Ryan

Enable Google Book Search
This project is currently under revision. All changes should be made to the new revision.

General Access


It says 'This project is currently under revision' however there is nothing to 'click' in order to go to the revisions page/make the edits? Not sure how this happened but I basically need to figure out how to go to this projects edit pages that has all the files that I can move around/add/delete etc.


Thanks in advance!!


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    There should be a dublicate Project described as Revision, click that instead. Once you have finished the Revision that duplicate Project will vanish and the 'real' Project be updated.


    (I assume that 0% is how much you have so far Revised).

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