images fine in pdf proof but print abnormally - please help!

Please help!

I produced my book in word according to the template, inserted my images into the file and scaled them, uploaded it, and the pdf proof appeared fine. However, the images are all rotated through 90 degrees and are chopped up.

Really not sure what is going on.

Should i convert to pdf or do i need to 'lock' the images somehow to prevent this from happening?

Thanks ever so much in advance


  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Make images In Line with Text in Word and print PDF with DoPDF before uploading.

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  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    PS. Preview PDF first. And, if  you still have a mess, don't use any template. Take a regular word doc and prepare margins, spacing, numbers yourself, etc.

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  • My best guess is that the images are 'landscape' when inserted, and our converter is shifting them to 'portrait.'

    Following EM's instructions should clear up the issue. The other option is to edit the images themselves, ensure they are 'portrait' orientation, and re-insert. Even if you do this, I would still follow EM's advice and prepare a PDF prior to uploading.
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