Want to Sell my Children's Book

Hi there. I am so confused how to set this up. I wrote a children's book and took photos for the pictures. I edited them so all I had to do was upload the images. I want it in landscape but can't find any options that also have the option to distribute in color. Am I not looking in the right place? What the heck? ???? 


  • There's no distribution for landscape. Make them fit into a 8.5x8.5 book.


    Place all your content in a Word document, print PDF and upload that. If you want the images to strech to the end of the page make the work document, images and PDF 8.75x8.75.


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  • Judging from where you have posted, you are using the wrong Project Wizards. As Maggie hints at, you are not actually creating a Photobook (which is a Photo Album) or a Calendar. You, just as you say, are wanting to create an actual book and need to look here >>>   http://www.lulu.com/create/books   and if you wish to sell using an ISBN then take notice of the options with the tick. If you only wish to sell on a Lulu Storefront then you can ignore the ticks. (But take note of the minimum page count allowable for either choice).


    But as as Maggie says, to use a normal Project Wizard you will need to create a file of pages in something like MS Word of the size to match what you pick in Create, format the pages to look like a book of the same type (take a look at some) complete with the pictures on, then upload it to the Project Wizard.




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