Footer lines do not line up on left/right pages



I am having the same problem described in this thread:


I used the 6x9 style guide template. Looks like it might have been better to have laid out the book myself, but here we are. This is the only problem I'm having with the template, so I'd like to solve it directly rather than starting from scratch again.


As far as I can tell, the page numbers are both in the footers, and the footers are where they should be, not in the main text.


I've attached a screenshot that shows the kind of problem I'm facing - does anyone have any suggestions about how to fix this?


  • Hi Mapleseed

    The style guide is intended to be a formatting guide, not a template, but with that said, here is my suggestion.


    Have a look at the margins to make sure they are set the same for left and right pages (Margins > Layout). If they are different, you can click the "mirror margins" option to replicate the margin settings across both pages. Once you do this, have a look in the header to make sure the formatting does not change. 






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