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I  need my last page to be completely blank. Google docs won't let me change the footer of the last page so that there isn't a page number. Help! Is there a way to edit individual footers? Thanks


  • Indeed. Use Word.   Smiley Happy Does Google docs allow any sort of Breaks at all? Will it save as a docx or PDF?

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  • I will try to convert it to word right now! I will respond with whether or not it worked. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • What I mean is that it would be better created in MS Word because Word has the tools in that you need.


    You need options such as these >>

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  • I have a little 'how-to' I wrote mainly for myself how to create a "document master" that will expand correctly as new pages and sections are created, so long as some extra care is taken at the beginning before adding any content.


    If you would like to have a read, let me know and I can attach it in a follow-up reply.

  • For Google docs? Actually you refer to a Template, and Lulu provide them already, but for Word. I think they come as a ZIP file complete with instructions and also a cover template.


    Although we often say that by the time you have learned the defaults and how to customise them, you may have just learned how to set one up!

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