HELP PLEASE! Trying to make a print-ready file more than 100 pages

My book is 318 pages.  I've managed to get all of my files into My Lulu Files, but I'm having a difficult time making the "Print-ready file". First attempt was shot down because it's 318 files. I limited it to 100 files, and it created the file. I did the cover and saved it. I went back to revise the interior pages to add the remaining 218 pages of the book. It's wanting me to make a print-ready file for the first 100 pages again!

Just to catch you up, this is my 3rd day trying to do this, and about my 20th attempt. I've tried using pdf files instead of jpegs with the same results. 

Can somebody please give me the step by step procedure for making a print-ready file of more than 100 pages, or at least the steps I need to take to add the additional 218 pages to my project and make a print-ready file for the remaining pages.

Thank you in advance for your help.

The guy with his head stuck in the monitor! 


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