re-using an old cover

I am creating a print book. It is just a second edition (added a few pages, corrected some errors, moved some stuff around, etc.) of my earlier book that I created and printed on Lulu. I have uploaded the PDF with the inside of the new book. I'd like to use the same exact cover. How can I tell Lulu simply to use the same cover from the earlier project for the new book?  (I suspect I could have used  "revise" on the old version, but now that I have a new PDF in place, can I get hold of the old cover files?)


  • If it's a new project you need a new ISBN, so same cover, different barcode on back. Reupload new PDF or jpeg.


    Same project, just proceed past the cover.

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  • It is possible you will find the files you need in My Files from a previous Project, and you can access that directly from a Project Wizard.

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