unwanted black background appears behind one image after submitting to lulu

I just submitted my first pdf to hulu.  It includes a number of small black line drawings with white backgrounds.  All came back fine except one, which is now embedded in a black box.  The black background was not there in the original image, and it was not there when I converted the doc file to a pdf.  The black background only appeared when I got my pdf back from lulu, and it only happened to one image.  I have no idea why it happened or how to fix it.


  • Check that there is no text box behind that image.


    Check that the image is RGB and not CMYK.


    Print PDF using DoPDF, free to download.


    Write to lulu to make sure it's not a printing error before you buy another proof.


    Good luck.

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  • Also, make sure all images are flattened.

    Sometimes transparencies are interpreted as black space instead of white.

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