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Printing Quality - Poor

Just had 8 books back (4 different titles) and once again the quality is terrible.  The top and bottom margins are all out. There is at least a line difference between most pages.  (The file is fine btw, this is a Lulu printing problem / error)


Has anyone else had poor service / product like this?  My original proof copies are always OK.  These are orders I make to sell to my customers.  Createspace are no better although they did resend me an order that went wrong free of charge.


I sell a lot of books myself and need to replenish my stock quite often.


I also publish books for other writers and need a reliable printer (POD company).  It seems Lulu's standards are going downhill Smiley Sad



Dave Lewis






  • Hi Dave,

    Sorry to hear about the print quality issues. I see you've got a support case in with us, and one of our agents is going to email you shortly so we can get this sorted out for you!
  • OK, thanks.  It happened last time too.  I printed 90 anthologies and they weren't great either Smiley Sad

  • One would think that such expensive machines as BOD/POD ones would have a Running out of ink!!!! alarm on them.  Smiley Frustrated

  • Lol.  It's not ink, it's the fact none of the text lines up on any page!  I'd sack the printer and get a proper one if I were them otherwise they won't have a business soon.

  • Ah, I did wonder about that, but the text does fade on those images. Are you sure it's not how you have your pages set up though?

  • No, it's not how I've set anything up, its the crap printing and binding.  These are reprints for stock.  The originals were fine.  Look at the images attached. 

  • How do I order my plain book
  • Via your Spotlight or even your My Projects. Log on first.

  • It's been happening to me too since around 4 orders back. The first 50 books were fine, but from March, the text blocks have moved to within 5mm of the edge of the page (and down to 0cm on one page), leaving around 2cm of white space against the spine; while the images (B&W photos) have deteriorated into vertical toner lines, particularly on darker images.

      I've raised a number of tickets, which has prompted actions by the Lulu staff - no fault there, but with no permanent solution to the problem with Lulu's UK print partner, which has managed to make ZERO improvements, even with Lulu-arranged re-prints of several recent orders. I have recently fed back against two further mis-prints, which look so very unprofessional and let down in presentation all my hard work. Consequently, I have been forced to suspend my own orders (in turn letting customers down) until / if the problem can be properly resolved.

      In summary, I have been turned from a very satisfied starting customer of Lulu's into one approaching the opposite end of the spectrum, with a growing stack of useless reprints and no 'good' stock. I really want this to work with Lulu, as trying to move my project elsewhere will set me back some way - but ultimately I may have little choice.

      Come on, Lulu.com, give my contact (Warren K. -who has tried behind the scenes to reach a consistent solution with the UK printer (at Peterborough, I believe) some support in getting this fixed! 

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