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When I think I have everything correct and upload to Lulu and make a pdf some of my photos move. I have them grouped with captions and placed near text references, but if one moves it causes a cascading effect throughout the rest of the book.

I am using MS Word 2010,and have Adobe reader to make a pdf.  It is not the Acrobat Pro Lulu uses, however, but the photos and  text look OK using it.


Ray 100222


  • I would suggest make a PDF from Word (either do a Save As or a Print to PDF) before uploading.

    You might still see the image shifting, which would generally indicate you'll need to work with the layout in Word before your file will create properly.
  • I do believe that text can be 'locked' to images in Word. Failing that the images can be created with the captions as part of them before they are inserted to the pages.


    But when using text and images in Word there are dozens of options one can pick and you need to check them all out thoroughly.


    These are just a small example >>

  • It is necessary to anchor a picture to a position relative to two margins (generally top and left).

  • I have had some luck in Word creating a Text Box and placing the Photo and its caption inside the box. Doesn't always work, but might help.

  • Thanks. My captions are all text boxes.  I have grouped the caption and photo together after choosing a position in relation to the text. I have sometimes grouped more than one photo and caption together. When viewing the entire manuscript for any errors, I then save as a pdf file with my Adobe Reader. It looks fine. I do not have Adobe Acrobat Pro, however. Something always seems to move when I upload the Word file to Lulu.


    Ray Berry

  • Are your images inline with text?

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  • And are you sure the PDF is the same size and shape as the book you are creating?

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