lulus distributors

Hi Without me going in to revise my project and see again, could someone please tell me who are Lulu's distributors on your ebook.



Who else

Many thanks 


  • Here's a page from our Knowledge Base with more info about distribution:

    You can see the distributors you're currently using if you click the "Manage" tab next to your book (on the My Projects page) without having to revise.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Before I closed my own website I had a list on it of places that list ePubs created at Lulu with ISBNs. In a nutshell they eventually end up everywhere that sells ePubs! It was a very long list. (But unfortunately also a lot of sites (often on servers in Russia) that pretend they do, and when one click the link it drops malware on to devices (shudder!)

    Myself and my friend combined know everything there is to know, but he's not here.

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