Pls i don't know wht happened. i been making sales on lulu since 2015 but suddenly all my sales, money changed to zero. pls what happened and i did not received any paid.


  • Above the revenue report look at the calendar. Set it to show the last reporting period and your revenue should show up.

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    If you have not yet been paid it would suggest that you have not yet earned $ 25 which is the minimum you have to earn if you're not using Paypal.


    I seem to recall you asking, in a panic, where your money has gone to several times already. It has not disappeared. The figure that is displayed under revenue is for the past 30 days only. If you see nothing there it only means that you have not earned anything in the past 30 days, not that your money has suddenly disappeared. To see your revenue change the start date under Revenue Information and then click Apply. For example, enter 01/01/15 as the start date.


    A good plan would be to try to get your sales moving so that you can get paid.

  • I have done that but still showing zero even my unpaid revenue is showing zero

  • Hi Freedom

    I had a look at your account.

    You have multiple versions of your author name: freedom isaac and ISAAC FRIDAY OJODOMO.

    The revenue report is defaulting to the author name without book sales. If you click on the dropdown and choose the other author name, you will see the revenue associated with those books.


    Hence the need to choose a format and spelling for your author name and use it consistently.

  • Is still not showing 2015 and 2016 sales are not showing

  • Yes Sir, but i have not seen my 2015 and 2016 sales which is about 32 dollars. and i have not received any paid since i joined LULU.

  • You just have to learn to use the tools.


    Choose the "freedom isaac" author name and then adjust the start date back to Jan 1, 2015. Your sales are displayed.  The default date range for sales and revenue is set to the past 4 weeks.


    If you click on the Payments view, you will see we sent a check to you on Nov 15, 2016. If you have not received the check, confirm your mailing address is correct then contact our support team and request a duplicate check. We will send another.



  • I did not received any check sir, what do i do now? i live in nigeria

  • pls i did not receive any check on 15th november, 2016 what to i do to get the check now?

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