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serious issue -- urgent deadline -- is there a glitch

I cannot raise a Support ticket because this is due tomorrow.


Is there a glitch in the epub converter.


When I upload with H1, it says:


We experienced an unknown issue while trying to convert your file to an EPUB.

Please review your EPUB against the Troubleshooting chapter of our eBook creator guide. If you are still having trouble, please contact customer support for further assistance.

Note: You can also choose one of our eBook conversion packages and let us create your eBook for you.


When I  remove all heading styles, it tells me I need them. I add one H1, it tells me again unknown issue.


I have saved as RTF, word doc 2003, docx.


Please, anyone who can look into the system and check it. I gave my word.


This is a standard type file which I have done many of.


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  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    I have just uploaded a test docx and it converted to epub.


    Have you tried clearing your cache or using a different browser?


    I had Word play up the other day. When I printed to doPDF it kept on chopping the image contained in the document. When I printed the image directly from a image manipulation program the PDF converted correctly.

  • Thanks for responding, Daniel.


    I closed my browser which clears my cache automatically. But I will also use CCleaner to clear everything and try again.


    How very painful.

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  • Well, I just pasted the whole thing into a new document, converted the one table to a single column. And Unknown means unknown. It means nothing. So how is one to fix it?


    I think it's a glitch.

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  • Looking at the file now
  • Thank you!!!!!

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  • The file I grabbed has nested lists in Chapter 5 (maybe more, I stopped when I saw them to come back here). EPUBs struggle with the automatic format, and when a list has another list under/within it, the converter fails.

    You'll want to remove the nesting, or turn off automatic formatting and reinsert the numbers/bullets manually.
  • The bullets. Manual and simplified. A lesson forever.


    Paul, you saved my life, thank you.

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  • Glad I could help!
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