Lulu distribution -- Just don't get it

Again, in December, as an experiment, I decided to publish a different size (A5 at lulu), exact same book, same cover, same formatting, same binding (perfectbound), at lulu after having done so at Createspace (6x9).


Not a  single copy sold this month or last at CS.


I just checked Amazon for the fun of it, truly did not expect to have made a sale of this book yet. Well, I sold one.


I don't get it. Why are lulu books selling and CS not?


I would love to understand. Any insight,  Information?  Anyone who knows anything.

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  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Let's try to find an answer to your question. Both books are available in the same marketplace - Amazon - and one is 6 x 9 inches while the other is an A5. The book buyer does not know how the books reached Amazon, nor do they care. In this particular instance one can only assume that the buyer wanted an A5 book, or it was pure chance that they landed on the A5 book page rather than the 6 x 9 inch book page.


    I sell far more print books on Create Space than I do on Lulu; which is what I would expect.

  • That's a fair assessment, Daniel. But I'm not  convinced that's it. Only time will tell for sure. I have been comparing sales for some time now, different covers, different binding, best to CS, best to Lulu.. Lulu always comes out on top. With the disadvantage of higher price.


    I think it might be that Ingram distributed books show up first in Amazon searches.


    Have you ever done the same book, two different covers, slightly different size here and there just to study the difference in sales?



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  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    I think what I understand of Amazon searches is that the results are based on a combination of how recently the book was published and how well it is selling. A recently released book might show up on the first or second page of a results search and then will quickly sink unless it happens to be a best seller. Books that consistently sell well, and have relevance to the keywords searched for will tend to show up on the first few pages. Thus, the best way to guarantee best seller status is to be one to start with! I don't believe that the distributor has anything to do with placement within search results.


    I've not tried different formats of the same book with different distributors but to be honest the rate at which my Create Space books outsell others I don't even bother to distribute beyond Amazon now. Only Canada is a hard nut to crack. I make sales in US, UK and Europe but have yet to have a print book sale in Canada.

  • is the biggest mess I've ever seen, with insanely high prices, half the books missing, and no way to know if you've actually made a sale. No Author Central either.





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