Editorial services for self-publishers

Hello all, I've joined the Lulu community to offer my services as a highly experienced editor to those of you who are self-publishing (whether online or in print media).


I've been in publishing for over 30 years and worked on all sorts of projects, but recently I've mainly been working on books written for self-publication. Without a traditional publisher or agent to help you through the various stages that an author would normally experience in the process of publishing a book, it can be very difficult to get your title to a high standard. It really is no good repeatedly reading your own work, and having a second pair of eyes (friends, family, etc.), look at it, while certainly helpful, does not equate to having a professional editor read your work.


There are various stages to the editing process but, for self-publishing authors, I can combine checking for spelling, grammar, style and formatting errors with a wider search for anomalies and continuity disparities. This means I pick up nearly everything (nobody is perfect - don't let any editor tell you they will pick up every single error on the first read!) that needs to be fixed before finalising your book. Once you've corrected those, you should only need a final proofread to make sure any errors missed the first time, together with any new errors produced in the fixing process, are spotted.


I'm attaching my CV for anyone who is interested - please feel free to email me with any questions, or for a quote or standard rates. I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,


Deborah Murrell


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