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    In Word, go to Page Layout then click on Size. If you can't find the size you want click on More Paper Sizes and enter the size you want e.g. 6 x 9 inches.


    Don't bother to use the templates. Just create your book in Word then convert the Word document to PDF. doPDF is free and easy to use. Install it and then click on Print in your Word document, check that it is going to print to PDF, then click on Properties in doPDF and enter your book size. It will create a PDF which you can then upload to Lulu.


    The easiest type of cover to create is a full size image over which you lay the text. To create a full size cover for a 6 x 9 book you will need to have an image that is 1800 x 2700 pixels big because the picture prints at 300 dots (read pixels) per inch. Anything less than this and your picture might be blurred.

  • I don't use Word, but Open Office. The basics are the same, however. As previously posted, make your document  6 X 9, with pages mirrored. For margins, I generally use the following:


    Left  0.85"

    Right 0.50"

    Top 0.60"

    Bottom  0.60"


    In Open Office, I can directly export to PDF. It seems with Word, a converter is needed, again as previously stated. A quick Google search revealed the site where the converter can be found, dopdf (dot) com.


    Check Lulu's Knowledge database. There's a lot of info there that answers many of these questions.

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    It sounds to me like you are not even trying. If someone says that a programme that converts a Word document

    to a PDF is free, it is free on the internet. Where else? Google doPDF, download the file and you are good to go.


    Click on this link to find information about publishing with Lulu:


    Lulu Help Topics


    Everything you need to know is contained within these manuals.


    You can publish a number of different book sizes with Lulu. On the Lulu website click on

    Create and then Print Book and you will see the sizes you can create. The sizes which have

    a green tick next to them can be distributed to Amazon, etc. The ones without can only

    be sold on Lulu.


    The minimum margin size, to meet distribution requirements, is half an inch all round.



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    The OP does appear to be asking 100s of basic questions, and often over and over again, and it can all be found here >>



    Some of what the OP is asking in this posting can be found here >>


    How hard is it to find them?  Smiley Frustrated

  • Thanks

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    englishdad wrote:

    Thanks, Sir. I'll try to find that free software

    Er, it is not free software, it is Lulu's own site, just click the links.

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    I have looked on Google (BTW I have an iMac) it says: "If you use a MAC you're in luck, as by default your operating system includes a program that allows you to generate files in PDF format".


    From what though? But many people using Macs seem to have bother creating the RIGHT kind of PDF for use at Lulu. Lulu's Project Wizards are very fussy.


    I had a try and saved an existing Word doc (book) as PDF, although going to print is rather confusing as I didn't want to print but its saves it as PDF- so good news (I think) !! :-) 


    Print As is a form of Save As, it does not print.


    So to be clear in stages:


    First, write the book,


    Indeed, there can be a few years just there Smiley Surprised


    2nd format it correctly in WORD, (another area of challenge) 


    Indeed. Printed books are an ideal example of what that should look like, (e-books are not ...)


    3rd save it as PDF,


    * Really, only if you have a lot of images or using non-Lulu 'Approved' fonts, otherwise even a docx can be uploaded.


    4th upload and do the rest in Lulu? Right?


    That depends on what you call "the Rest". Have you actually looked at the Create and Learn sections of Lulu yet?


    But why PDF? I'll try to read in lulu and dig through the user instructions.


    See above. * But there's also less chance of the Project Wizards messing around with the conversion to Print Ready PDF.


    PS: You do not always state if you mean you want to publish an ePub, a PDF, or a print-book.

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    englishdad wrote:

    Kevin, It's hard as it's not provided in a clear way step by step like a recipe as it should be. 


    But it is, in sections, but it does expect you to know how to use things like Word before you even consider publishing here.


    These things need to be explained in stages with all tech info at each stage. 


    It is, and even within the Project Wizards at each stage. Here's an example >>>>  it would be hard to be clearer.


    Example from Lulu- ** "Your source document page size must match the project's format size.* For example, if you upload an 8.5 x 11 document and select 6 x 9 as the book size, Lulu scales your document to approximately 75% of the original size."


    The clue is in that bit ** The rest of that is more or less warning you that if you do not create pages to the size of the book you have selected in Create then the Project Wizard will mess up your formatting.


    So, for example, why don't the book options (books for sale for print projects) provide the WORD tech size info against each book?


    Huh? You set the page size you need for Lulu while using Word. You can set almost any size and ratio of page in Word, there's no "Word tech" size.


    Should you just download a template and paste it in for that particular book and work blind? 


    No because you will be "blind". You need to learn how to use Word first or you will not know how the template works or how to adjust it to your exact needs.


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    I think the last words needs to be >> I would suggest you find someone to do it all for you. But that will possibly cost a lot of money.

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