Apple ibookstore is selling some of my books and not remitting me my creator revenue

I have a e-book in the Apple iBookstore titled : 'The Uncivil Servants Memoirs of a Canada Revenue Agency Tax Collector"


Apple sells the book for $12.99


Creator revenue is $8.18.


Apple has remitted nothing ($0) for this book on each sale.


Another e-book they sold two copies paid me then reversed the sales and took the money back.







  • iBookstore has an unfortunate policy of reporting every download as a sale. If you see $0 sales reported from iBookstore, this means someone who previously bought the book on iBookstore is downloading it again.
  • Thank you for your response.


    The book I mentioned in the previous post - Apple has never remitted any funds from that book's sale.




    So if you're right at they should have paid me at least once. But every sale for that book is $0.00 .

  • As often said. Most sites wait until a certain level of earnings are reached before they pay out, and then they pay out the following month.


    One thing that that delay allows them to do is to refund buyers who are not happy with what they bought. If money is refunded then obviously there's no earnings generated.  I would hope that applies to downloads also. But I have no idea how they can stop a person reading the ePub they have given a refund for! Perhaps they have hidden self-delete strings added to the coding Smiley Surprised

  • If that's the case, you should open a support ticket so we can look at that closely
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