Only ships from North America

I chose Lulu because it has POD that can be shipped from within the EU, meaning I don't get double taxed (in DK if I buy something shipped from US I have to pay sales tax PLUS an 'admin fee' that is often higher than the sales tax)


I have created several books on Lulu just fine and they are sent from within EU but the latest, which I think was created in exactly the same way, from within the UK store, now says 'ONLY SHIPS FROM NORTH AMERICA'.


I have read this may be due to the format, paper, binding etc not being available at the EU sites, but how can I see that BEFORE I start the book production process. What formats ARE possible from within the EU for paperbacks?






  • It could be made plainer and somewhere I think it is, but I think it's just the hardbacks that are only printed in the USA. That all the hardback options start with US could be a clue to that. But the odd thing is, every single option says Global next to Shipping Origin.



  • That's a good question. It doesn't specify which sizes are printed in US only.



    My assumption is, as Kevin states, only hardcover are printed only in US. The rest are printed everywhere.


    Regardless, I don't think you will be charged tax twice. I pay only Canadian tax rate when I order.

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  • For the UK printers, Kevin is correct that it is primarily the hardcover projects that our UK printers cannot print. If you're making a normal paperback book and seeing the "US Only" shipping information, I would open a support case so we can examine this more closely.
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