Update: The Big Move

On Thursday, October 20th, we (mostly) vacated our office building near North Carolina State University. Our return to the Research Triangle Park hit a few snags.  As a result, our customer support team has been roughing it in an office without HVAC diligently answering the phones while the rest of us have been working from home.


However, we will all be back together soon. Our internet provider will be reconnecting us to world Monday, October 31st. As we transition into the new office, US phone support will be unavailable Oct 31 – Nov 4.


During this time:

  • The Lulu.com website will be up and running.
  • Email support cases will be answered by the customer support team.
  • Chat support will be made available during business hours in all English stores.
  • As always, the author forums are available 24/7 for peer-to-peer publishing support.

Thank you for your patience.

Your friends at Lulu.

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