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How Is This Even Possible

I've just seen a print book on Amazon with a sales rank of 15 million!

How is this even possible and is this the destiny of us all?


  • Hopefully not Danielblue. Some books just don't sell no matter what. Some of my books have not sold a single copy even with a decent cover. One has a professional cover and on 3 sales. My sales are slipping. I had a great month in July, in August it went down a third, and now $20 less than last month. Disappointed unless some paperbacks show which they never do.  But 15 million never seen one that bad though.

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Hang in there, TJN. What you need is about 15 books which have a good run like you had recently.


    What one really needs is sustainability because books soon get lost on Kindle (and probably most other book stores) with so many new books being published all the time. Even with great keyword choices you just are not going to get the pairs of eyes you need to see your book; if I search for something I might look through 10 pages at most and most search results have over 400 pages!


    If you can find a way to get a link directly to your book that would help although I'm not sure how one gets such a magical link. I have seen on the Kindle forum where people say they advertised a book, or did a marketing campaign and got one sale out if it. I don't see the point of paying out maybe $ 100 to get one sale; that does not seem a reasonable reward to me and I would rather invest that time in writing.


    When you feel discouraged just remind yourself that there are many, many authors who have never sold anywhere near what you did in the last few months.

  • Wowa!. probably oneof my books their not selling. perhaps if the press got hold of this, people would be so intreaged they'd buy it out of curiosity, and it will be a best seller. Sales ranks have been a bit puzzeling for me. Obviously if you are 100,  or 1,000 , or 10,000, you have a good idea how well you are doing. 78,000, copaired to 70 million could be a pretty good rank, but 5million or more!. I want to buy that book!. I can't see how this is possible. My books have stopped selling, but I'm ranked about half a million or less. What's the book called?, ''The mating habits of earth worms''?, '' The parking ticket collectors guide''. No disrespect. couldn't help it. Thank you so much, I feel like a top author now even though I'm not selling. Hmmm you gave me an idea!, Only joking.

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