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Uploading error: Differing PDF page size

I tried uploading a PDF that had a few pages of differing sizes, and I got an error message. So I redid the PDF, and the pages are all the same size. However, I still get the "we do not accept PDFs with different page sizes" error message upon trying to upload. I've scrolled through the PDF repeatedly (148 pages), and I cannot find a single page of varying size. I tried renaming the file and reuploading and got the same error message. Any advice on uploading this PDF will be most appreciated--thanks!


  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Don't look through the pages. You'll miss it. Select All, Layout/Size, Whole Document. It will give you a message if it's not able to change the size everywhere. You likely have images, tables, charts that are too big -- these must be decreased in size manually.

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  • Hi I just uploated also PDF they found an error I dont know how to get in touch with them so I thought maybe you can help? I would apprecaite what I should do next. Robin

  • If EM_Press's method doesn't allow upload without the error (it should fix it, but every so often I see files that still think pages are the wrong size) raise a support ticket and our technical team can help.

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