"Experienced Unknown Issue" Error During Conversion

I am trying to convert my Libre Office .odt file to an epub. I have done small samples of my book as I've been working on it and received feedback during the conversion process as expected.


Yesterday I tried to upload my entire book. I continue to get the error below. I have no idea what the issue is for me to fix. I've read the guide and think I am in compliance with everything. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thank you.


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    I would suggest trying again; the Lulu convertor sometimes behaves unexpectedly. If the problem persists contact support

  • I tried yesterday and today with the same results. I have contacted support. 


    Thank you.

  • I just grabbed your support case, and I'll give the file a look over for anything I can see that might prevent conversion. I'll send you an email shortly with what I find.

  • I often see this error message when uploading particulary large files - i.e. lots of images and tables. If that is the case, try lowering the image resolution.

  • Has a solution to this issue be found. I just checked the knowledge base and did not see an article regarding resolution.
  • The error message can be caused by a variety of potential issues with the file. I would suggest making a support case so we can look at your issue closely and help you get the eBook published.
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