Interior files will not download correctly

I have tried about everything I can think of but still I can't download the interior files correctly. When I first downloaded the files, some of the chapters were off, for example- chapter 2 ends at the top of the page then chapter 3 starts at the bottom of the same page. I went back into word and inserted page breaks between chapters, downloaded to lulu- I then had an empty page between the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next.  I converted word to a pdf file. It will not download because it says the fonts are not embedded but I did embed the fonts in word before converting.  I have self published 4 books on lulu and never had this trouble before. Help! 


  • I recommend you have a look at your page breaks.


    Are they set to "Next Odd Page"? If so that is probably why you have the extra blank page. This setting ensures your new chapter starts on the right side of the open book rather than the left.


    If you can fix this in MS Word, you can then let our converter create the PDF, which will embed the fonts for you. Otherwise you will need to go into Word and Save As >Tools > Embed all fonts before converting to PDF.



  • ok, If I go to page layout in word, click on breaks then which one do I apply so that I will not have any blank pages where I dont want them? Which page do I put the cursor, on the beginning of the chapter page or the page before?  There are 3 blank pages in the manuscript total. All between the end of a chapter and beginning of the next. Not all of them are that way. However some chapters start on the last page of the previous chapter, For example. chapter 2 starts half way down the page of the last page of chapter one. The frustrating part is the original manuscript in word is perfect. So if chapter 2 starts half way down the last page of chapter one when it is downloaded on lulu, I dont have a clue how to fix that.  Also a few chapters start half way down the page where they are not supposed to be. 

    I embedded the font in word before converting but when I convert the doc to pdf and try and download to lulu it says it can't download because the fonts are not embedded. Also when I go through the doc in pdf the chapters are fomatted right, no blank [ages but alot of the paragraphs are triple spaced. The doc is 1.5 spacing.

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