Mathematical diagrams and equations.


I am writing a math book which requires step by step diagrams and explanations.

I have tried writing these by hand, then taking a picture, adjusting it, then inserting into the word document.

This sounds like it would work, but the white background turns to grey and looks horrible inside the document.

I have tried using red paper, (OK) lilac ( not ok) to handwrite my diagrams. Lulu rejected the idea of printing each page and entering the handwritten part, then scanning the result.

What do others think or know?


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    You can take the images, lighten and add contrast in Photoshop then reinsert into your Word document. They will look great. No grey.


    Make sure you scan at 300 dpi.

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    You can also try the magic background eraser.


    But, this is risky and it might remove parts of your writing. You need test and undo and redo the strength of the eraser.



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  • Microsoft Word (the old versions and the newer ones) have a pretty decent Equation Editor which I have found adequate for my needs. Its located at different places depending on the version, but essentially it is under Insert -> Object, and then search for Microsoft Equation 3.0 or some such name under the list of Objects. It opens up a separate window, where you can insert all kinds of symbols (summations/ integrals, with limits), signs, prefix/suffix, numeration, denominators, surds, etc. 


    I can help further, or you should be able to find good youtube videos. But definitely worth exploring.



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    My wordprocessor is Wordperfect. It had a program to write math formulae and perhaps diagrams. I used it once many years ago; the result was quite good. Are you sure your wordprocessor hasn't got a similar program?

  • Wow, WordPerfect still exists? I haven't seen that since learning to type in gradeschool.


    Well as mentioned above Word has some pretty powerful tools to accomplish equation formatting - I use them for my Calculus course, and while they take a small bit of getting used to they're excellent once you figure them out. There's also some online tools (,, you can use and screenshot for clean images. 

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