ePubs for Beta Readers

Tell me, please. Is there a way to forward an ePub file to a Beta Reader? If so, is there a limit to how many Beta Readers I can sent it to? I have three Beta Readers. 





  • Download the epub file to your computer and e-mail it as an attachment.

  • That easy, huh? Dang. I thought it would be more complicated than that. Thx for your help.
  • You should probably also provide some guidance on opening the EPUB file.


    Your readers will need to either load the file onto their preferred eReaeer. It they choose to read your book on their laptop or compuer, they will need to open the file using an eReader program such as Digital Editions, or my favorite Calibre.


    Both of which are free downloads. 

  • Personally I love Calibre because it lets you convert eBooks between formats (this way I've been able to send people .Mobi and .pdf versions of the ePub eBook Lulu generated.) Glad to hear someone else mention it - I was starting to think everyone around here used Adobe.

  • Thanks, Glenn_Lulu and Scyoni. I will definitely be looking into Calibre. Sounds like it could be helpful for my Beta Readers--and for me, as well.



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