Relative Intelligence, I think.

I am a relatively intelligent person but this one has me stumped--and it has happened numerous times:
I upload the newest edited file into my projects (after I have removed the older one). I witness the little whirligig-gear-thingy going 'round and 'round while 'it' says to wait a few while my internal files are being created. It also tells me I will get an email when it's done, which I do. Three hours later, I go into the email and go back into Lulu via the email link and it says, "The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."
So, I go into the site directly from my browser to find the data file there (under my files) but no converted file into ePub. And, like I said, it has been three hours, at least. Please, what's wrong with this picture?
Thx, Ari
PS, I did this three times. Each with the whirligigs, each with an email confirmation received. [This is where I type in my emoticon sad face with me pulling out my hair!]


  • I had a look at your project.

    I saw the file listed on the upload page so I clicked the button to convert to EPUB and within a minute it was complete.


    You can have a look by logging into your account and clicking the project title. The EPUB is ready for you to download and review.


    So sorry for any inconvenience you experienced.


  • Thank you so much, Glenn. What baffles me is I have had numerous times where I was successful at it. But, I seem to periodically make missteps thus needing to reach out for a rescue. Thanks for throwing me a lifeline. [Thumbs-Up-Happy-Smiley-Face]
  • Sometimes there could be a hitch in transmission.

    No worries. I was happy to help.

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