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First time on this site to find some answers.  Have a finished 80k word manuscript. First in a series with two more almost complete. Have no agent since I have never submited any inquires. Have read where it's easy to sell an eBook.  Is this lulu

the way to go to help an unsophisticated computer user.  I do not know or use facebook, neptune, pomagranite or twitter. Am

I out of luck and need to find a hard print agent or can lulu waltze me through my first project?



  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Yes, it's very easy.


    Click on Create, select ebook, upload your manuscript just for practice (to start), download the epub they generate for you and have a look at it.


    You can look at it using this free tool. Super easy to install. Just click on the link:


    Download Digital Edition 3.0 Macintosh (16.9 MB)

    Download Digital Edition 3.0 Windows (5.9 MB)


    If your work does not look perfect or you get any notifications, download the ebook Creator manual or watch some free videso here.


    Just do what I told you to start and the hard part will be over.


    Very easy. You can do it.


    PS. I did not even know how to create a PDF of a book when I started here.

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  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Uncle Alex


    Just a little distinction - it is very easy to publish a book on Lulu, much more difficult to sell it. The reason being that there are millions of ebooks for sale and if people don't know about your book they can't buy it. However, don't let that put you off. Go ahead and publish as it doesn't cost you a dime, and then you can think about marketing afterwards. And I know there are some who will say that this is not the way to go about it, but your book is written and you are rearing to go!


    To make an ebook simply ensure that the name of your book is on the very first line of the Word document and then assign a Heading Style 1 to the name of the book (highlight the name of the book and click on Heading 1 in the toolbar) and to your copyright notice. If you want your book to be distributed to Amazon, Nook etc choose this option when you start your project by clicking on Create and then Ebook. Accept the free ISBN that Lulu offers and then copy and paste the ISBN (highlight and click Control plus C and then go to your manuscript and click Control plus V) into your copyright notice and then assign a Heading Style 1 to the copyright notice. This is the minimum required for your book to be distributed.


    If you want to use chapters either use Heading Style 1 or Heading Style 2



    My Book (must be first line of book; assign Heading Style 1)


    Copyright 2016 Uncle Alex (assign Heading Style 1)


    ISBN: (insert your ISBN here)


    Chapter One (assign either Heading Style 1 or 2)


    It was the first day of November and I sold fifty trillion books...


    Chapter 2 (assign either Heading Style 1 or 2)


    Don't try to use a table of contents -  this will be automatically generated by using Heading Styles - as ebooks do not have page numbers.


    Now upload your Word document and Lulu will covert it to an epub file. Download a copy of the file and check that it is what you were expecting. If you are unable to open an epub you can get an extension for Firefox which will do this for you, or use the software which Em, Press suggested.


    Now you can move on to the cover stage. You can either use the default plain cover provided by Lulu (not recommended because people really do judge a book by its cover, unfortunately) or upload a cover which you have made, or had made for you. Make sure that you image file is a minimum of 612 x 792 pixels otherwise it will be rejected.


    Next you enter your blurb. This is probably the most important piece of writing you will ever have to do so I would get this written before you start the publishing process. The blurb is you store front; it should lure people in. Don't provide too much information and don't tell people how the book will end. If you don't know how to write a blurb I would suggest that you do a bit of research. Read several different blurbs and see which ones appeal to you.


    You can also enter keywords that will help people find your book. However, I'm not sure if this is sorted out yet but at one stage - most illogically - these keywords only worked on Lulu and were not fed through to the distribution partners.


    Enter you author name and select a copyright type (most likely standard) and the edition (in this case first). Choose a price for your ebook, bearing in mind that most buyers are reluctant to pay very much for an ebook) and then click revise. If you are happy with everything click OK and your book is on its way to the world.


    What some authors over on Kindle do when they have several books in a series is make the first one free of charge and then charge for the others. They hope to lure readers into the series this way. If you choose this option set the price of your first book to nil and then quickly get the other two books completed and publish them and set a price that you think suitable.


    Good luck!

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