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I notice on my Manage page in projects that I can set a minimum price for my ebook or set it for free. So what happens if I set it as free? I'm assuming that Amazon etc. display it as a free download but how do they make any profit or don't they? I am considering this as I'm no longer bothered about sales revenue, just building a platform and gaining a broader readership. 

Also, is there a maximum time limit for being allowed to make it as a free book, and will I still be able to see how many 'purchases' have been made on my revenue page?


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    Amazon does not make any money out of free books. Strangely, they only allow you to make a book free for 5 days in every 90 if you publish directly on Kindle and enrol the book in Select but if the free book is distributed through Lulu it stays free permanently.


    Your book can be permanently free on Lulu and its distribution channels and you will be advised how many are downloaded, although I'm not too sure about Nook.


    I used to have quite a few free books and my revenue has gone up since I pulled them.

  • I'm not sure how long I would do this for, I'm hoping to extend my author profile beyond my immediate locality, so it's useful to know whether there is an increase in downloads and roughly where they are coming from. Many thanks for the advice.

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