Have I accidentally joined the army ?

I had a Lulumail congratulating me on my new rank of 'Reader'.

I didn't even know I had an old rank......what's it all about ??


  • Online forums have traditionally used "Ranks" to distinguish old-timers from relatively new users. It's a method of encouraging posting as people try to move through the "ranks" to earn a higher level.


    So, don't worry about a thing... There's nothing nefarious going on here... Muhaha. Muhaha.


    Now drop and give us ten pushups for asking that question.

  • Here is a complete list of community ranking and the requirements to reach each level:


    Community Rankings for the Lulu Forums

  • Thanks for enlightening me.

    They certainly think differently on the other side of the pond.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Perhaps the terms can be changed? I am often asked, as a 'Professor,' what I teach and where.


    But Lulu rankings are just a postings count.

  • Kevin - you have been around a long time. There have been forum rankings since before I came along and they will probably outlast us both. The difference now is that it takes more than 6 months to reach the highest level. If you read the rankings document, it takes much more than just a lot of posts to advance to the hightest levels.


    I still find it amusing though when someone moves up a rank and emails me to explain that they are not an editor, they are a doctor - as if the forums could magically deduce someone's actual profession.


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Indeed I have, as you like to keep reminding me, and long enough for things to change. I recall the last explanation about Kudos, people don't ask often, and it was only to do with postings, but it seems to have changed in 2013  Smiley Very Happy


    There's now even more rankings.




    BTW. Why am I not a Genius yet?  Smiley LOL


    I find it amusing when people award them for contradicting someone even when the person is right, and/or only awarding them to buddies for no noticeable reason. Smiley Frustrated





  • Skoob_Ym  - Like your comments!:


  • WriterLady wrote:

    Skoob_Ym  - Like your comments!:


    Thank you. *blush*

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