How do I change my preferred language and country?

edited November 2017 in Account

You can change your language and currency by changing the store you are in on the Preferred Store page. To get to this page, click on the country flag located at the top of the page next to your user name. Each country store has a language and currency associated with it. Your preferred store is saved in your account and in your browser's cookies.

Please Note: Your shopping cart cannot be taken with you from store to store. If you have unpurchased items in your shopping cart and choose to switch to a new store, your cart will be cleared. There is no need to panic! You can simply add the previously selected items back into your cart since all books in our marketplace are available for purchase in all stores.

If you somehow end up in a different store than your preferences dictate, you will be asked if you want to go to your preferred store or change your preferences. If you just want to check out a different store, you can ignore and continue to shop without it affecting your preferences.

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