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I wonder what time it will go off in London? Where time was invented. Smiley Very Happy


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  • Smiley Very Happy  I was simply wondering why a Paris time was given for that area of the world when normally London is. GMT ...



  • @kevinlomas


    I have been using Paris time (GMT+1) in downtime announcements since Feb 2012. Is this the first time you have noticed it? Or is this just the first time you have posted in the forums about it? If it is the former, I am disappointed that you have not been reading my eloquently composed announcements all these years. If it is the latter, thanks for the feedback. I will take your comments into consideration for future downtime announcements.

  • I think it may have been the first time I read such an announcement or when I have I have not taken much notice of the exact details, because I never seem to suffer from the downtimes, it's all working when I log on. At the time I may have been wondering what was going to be done considering Suggestions and comments about the Spotlights and some random bugs. Or I may just have been bored at the time I spotted Paris.  Smiley Tongue

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